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In life and in current circumstances, we have different worries. Sometimes, it is hard to know what we are worried about, or put a name to those worries.


1. Watch this story on Youtube.


2. Draw an outline of a heart or hand either in your remote learning book or on plain paper.


3.  Make a key using different colours for each of your worries and/or feelings.


4. Fill your outline with different shapes and patterns relating to each colour which relate to your feelings. for example, if red means you are worried about the future, you might draw a red circle on your outline.


5. Now, look at the thought bubbles sheet below.  Draw your own thought bubbles on a new page/piece of paper and write all of the things that make you happy and things that you enjoy, and draw pictures for each of these things. 


It is important that we acknowledge our worries, but also acknowledge the positive and happy things in our lives. Show your parents and family both of your outlines, so they know what makes you worried and what makes you happy. Remember that the teachers and your families are always here to help with any worries or problems:)