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Final week

Well hello and goodbye Year 5!

This is your last message from me with work for the week.

Congratulations for keeping your learning going through these strange times. On speaking to some of you on Thursday I know you have discovered new skills and ways to keep yourself busy. Keeping busy and communicating with your friends is an essential way to your well being, so keep this up over the Summer.

When you return to Miss Sullivan in September there will be letters from Year 6 ready to read as to what life in Year 6 is like. You will have the familiar face of Mrs Norris with you and Mrs Bright who loves art, just like I do. Remember I am only next door and will pop in frequently to see how you are doing. Having seen some of the keyworkers I know that you will all have grown as well.

Your books and P.e bags are in the foyer of the school ready to be collected, so please come by Friday to collect your books as we wont be able to hold onto them after that. Unfortunately any stationery you left behind has been disposed of as we had to deep clean the rooms and remove personal items.

Enjoy reading your reports which will be out soon and remember they were based up to the end of March. Have a stress free Summer and enjoy the weather and freedom from work. It was great to teach you and see how you all developed whether socially, mathematically, through writing or in your art accomplishments. See you in September!

Best wishes    Mrs Morris

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