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Spellings and Times Tables
The documents below can be completed after the lesson. The children can put a 6 minute timer on and see if they complete the sheet before the timer runs out. 

Guided Reading

The tasks will be completed live in the zoom lesson. The document below is the text we will be reading. (Please note: it does not have to be printed as I will share my screen and we will read it from the document in real time).



LQ: Can I practice the keys typed with the left hand?

Please log onto purple mash ahead of the lesson (usernames and passwords can be found in the front of your child's Reading Record). There are some short '2Do' tasks to complete (click on '2Do' at the top of the page, once logged in, and you will find all the short tasks they need to complete for the lesson). They are all based on typing and using the correct fingers (on the left hand) to select the relevant keys. 

Creative afternoon


Using a shoe box (or any box), create a mini pop-up scene of characters and settings based on a book you are reading at the moment (or your favourite book). You can develop the box in stages: the outside, the interior box walls, the objects inside using household items like corks, tin foil, milk bottle tops etc. We will share what you have created on Monday morning. See some examples below: