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Maths multiplying problems- choose your entry level- practice your knowledge by a lower entry before challenging yourself!

Whole class reading- on a new page please write the date and title of the poem

In school last year everyone brought in a range of petals and leaves that were nearby or in their house. I provided the material on which to make the prints by bashing with a heavy object. Obviously this will need to be tweaked this year, so I suggest another option.

Collect leaves, petals from around your garden or house- fold a piece of white paper in half-place inside the paper - now hit, squash the paper to create a print. Watch the short youtube clip for further instructions. Also, even though a small hammer gives your more direction and force,  a rolling pin would work just don't lose the shape of the leaf and create a pulp. Experiment and see which is best!

Don't forget to show off your nature prints on class dojo!

Box art

This week with your on the outside to cover the text or pictures. Only the outside

*If you have a magazines, newspaper, coloured paper you could rip and tear and glue on to hide the text

*If you have paints- you could paint the box maybe in leafy prints

*Could you cut out trees, flowers leaves or their shapes and glue to the outside

* Could you add real leaves or petals to cover the text?