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In your remote learning book consolidate your division skill. Choose an entry point A,B,C and complete both entry points such as B,B. Remember to write out the question in your book and leave space when setting out your work.

This week , after watching the power point, start creating your own paper flowers to put into a pot or vase. There are many techniques you can use such as rolling, cutting and folding. There are some suggestions on the accompanying sheet.

You don't have to use coloured paper unless you have some at home- use newspaper, magazines, wallpaper, comics. It is the skills involved that create a large bloom or small one. Also go to Youtube and search flower making and you will see a range of flowers to make. As always send me dojo snaps of your flower arrangement!

Don't forget your box jungle as well! This time decorate the outside- paint it, mosaic with magazines, tissue, wallpaper, leaves, drawings- cover the outside completely

Hot task!!

At some point today or even the weekend complete your Invention based on Lazy jack our 'Rags to riches' genre.

Think about our editing from yesterday * Repeated phrases form the 2 characters

                                                                   *More than 1 event so those repeated phrases have effect

                                                                   *Speech- this unit is about dialogue

                                                                    *New speaker new line!!!!!

                                                            *Read for silly spellings, missing words and boring 'said' words that need up levelling

 Show your editing by correcting above it or in the margin

*Show off what you can do!

When finished please ask a parent to dojo it so I can read your showing off, you know you want to! 

New unit to start on Tuesday based on instructions- Non Fiction based