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To plan and write a set of instructions- Invention

Today you will plan a set of instructions in the style of our innovation... How to...then write it out

will it be a mythical creature from last week? Will you use the opening you wrote from last week or something completely different,.. How to trap your sister/teacher/ dad?

 Once planned and boxed up please write your invention out slowly and clearly remembering all the tools in your toolkit you need to include.

Please send your Invention when completed via Dojo

I have included a recipe for salt dough to experiment with and create a sculpture. Is it a 3d sculpture or flat on the tray?

can you imprint leaves or petals into it or create a bowl from the dough in the shape of petals or leaves?

If salt dough is not your thing... try using tin foil to manipulate and roll and twist. 

Can you create a sculpture that will stand and attach leaves and petals to it with paper or tissue? Plan it out before jumping straight in... access Youtube to see if there are any sites using art and tin foil or salt dough.... be creative!