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Who am I Poems?

Today you are going to explore a way to create a poem based on one of the characters from the poem, using a word waiter. Remember a poem has to have a new line for a new idea... it is set out differently to a story.

Friday afternoon

As it is a lovely afternoon I have changed the order of events to encourage some time to be spent outside in the fresh air...

tasks that need to be completed by Monday are as follows: 

1. write a short poem based on one of the characters in the Highwayman poem. Use the sheets to help you on the web page above- incorporate a colour, abstract noun, verb and preposition in each line.

Remember new line new idea as it's a poem

Please dojo to me and we will read them out to guess who they are on Tuesday


2. Go to Purplemash to complete any outstanding 2Do's on maths and redos on Chernobyl

3. Check Mymaths - are you uptodate?

4. Go outside and feel the sun on your face!