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past, present and future tenses- copy out as many sentences in 10 mins and sort under three headings in your remote learning book

Plea to the Oba

I would like you to type out on a word document in a large font, your choice, your plea to the Oba to be part of the leopard hunting squad. Please ensure all spellings and punctuation are correct, then print out. If you cannot print then write out without mistakes. You can add leopard drawings or a leopard border to make your plea stand out.

Once printed, tea stain with an old tea bag to make it look old and bring to school and give to Mrs Anderson on Monday.

Purple Mash-

You will find a game based on the gods and godesses. Can you also complete a fact sheet on what we know so far. Include as much detail as you can, so that means a small font and writing in sentences. Please make this your best effort.

Use the ? to find basic information to write in your own words- click on the + to include a picture which you can make smaller or bigger by sliding the scale.

Include where it is

when did the kingdom begin

what we know about it

what religion they have- gods...

type of art

BBC Bitesize has some great information on this topic. Remember to hand in the finished work so they can be printed out and glued into your books at school