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Spellings and Times Tables
The documents below can be completed after the lesson. The children can put a 6 minute timer on and see if they complete the sheet before the timer runs out.

Guided Reading


The tasks will be completed live in the zoom lesson. The document below is the text we will be reading. (Please note: it does not have to be printed as I will share my screen and we will read it from the document in real time).



To finish our last day of online learning we are going to do some quizzes on Kahoot! 


Please note: your child will probably find it easier to complete the quizzes with 2 devices. One device (most likely a computer/ laptop) to be on the zoom call and see the questions on the screen and a smaller device to join the Kahoot! quiz and answer the questions on.


The PINs for the quizzes will be given in the lesson.

Creative Afternoon


Create something, of your choice, inspired by this underwater world: