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Friday 22nd September

This week for homework you need to retell the story of 'The Hidden Forest'. Think about when we discussed how Ben was feeling throughout the book to help you remember what happened. It is important you get the events in the right order. I would like you to present our work like you would find in a magazine or comic book. This means drawing a picture of each event in a different box on the comic strip.  I have attached a 'comic strip' template for you to use and this should be stuck into your homework book. Please make sure you fill in all of the boxes and include a title (make your comic strip as creative and colourful as possible so I can show them on display!)

Spellings (the children will have a sticker in their book to tell them their spelling group)


Group A Group B
Breathe Ambitious
Build Cautious
Busy Fictitious
Business Infectious
Calendar Nutritious
Caught Contentious
Centre Superstitious
Century Pretentious
Certain Anxious
Circle Obnoxious