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Friday 6th October

Friday 6th October

  1. Next week in humanities we are going to be looking at Fair Trade in Africa. When you are out shopping with your parents have a look at what fair trade products there are. You will recognise these by the Fair Trade Logo. See if you can find around 10 products which are fair trade and make a list in your homework book.


  2. I have noticed that some of us need revision when using question marks in our writing. Therefore you need to write the sentences into your book (practice your handwriting!) and give each one a question mark or full stop.

  • Have you ever been sea fishing
  • Where do you live
  • It is a long journey from here
  • How far is it
  • Shall we ask our parents to take us
  • It would be exciting, wouldn’t it
  • I’m not sure they would agree
  • Shall I ask my grandad
  • Does he like sea fishing
  • Yes he often goes out at weekends
Group A Group B
Eight Apply
Eighth Supply
Enough Identify
Exercise Occupy
Experience Multiply
Experiment Rhyme
Extreme Cycle
Famous Python
Favourite Hygiene
February Hyphen


If you do not have a protractor at home do not worry about doing the second part of the maths homework