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Friday 9th July

Weekly spellings and topic test on Friday

Thank you for sending your children in on sports day in their house colours as it meant it was easier to organise them by colour in the races. As you can see on the photo link everyone enjoyed themselves! Year 5 were chosen as Mr Langford's helpers throughout the morning, in lieu of Year 6's absence, and were all sensible, helpful and eager to arrange equipment, chairs and children throughout the morning. As a thank you from me, they had a relaxed afternoon with a treat.

Again many thanks to those parents who took time out of their day to Zoom in tell us about their occupations, it was greatly enjoyed by all the school.



Purple Mash this week

Chapter 5 of Settlers with the 5 question quiz, as well as a writing activity

Read Chapter 6 only

Lifecycle of a plant to follow up science in class

Polygons or 3D nets