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Our Governing Body


All school governing bodies have three core functions:

• Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;

• Holding executive leaders to account for the educational performance of the organisation and its pupils, and the performance management of staff; and

• Overseeing the financial performance of the organisation and making sure its money is well spent.


At Holy Innocents, the full governing body meets each term.  There are two committees, each of which also meets termly.  One Committee is responsible for overseeing the curriculum and standards at the school and the other is responsible for financial, premises and personnel matters.  Each governor is linked to an aspect of the work of the school, such as a particular area of the curriculum or priority for development, visits the school regularly and reports back to the relevant committee. All meetings are minuted and the minutes can be found below.


We have termly 'governor mornings' when we meet parents before school.  The dates of these are given in the weekly newsletter to parents.


2020-21 meeting dates






Standards and Curriculum (SC)


Business, Premises and Personnel (BPP)


Full Governing Body (FGB)

14.9.2020;     23.11.20

Governor morning

Cancelled due to Covid 








Governor morning









Governor morning


Our Governors

Chair of Governors:             Dr Ian Wilson


Vice Chair of Governors:    Mrs Caroline Grainger 


Foundation Governors:      Rev Barry Chalkley

                                              Dr Ian Wilson

Sr Esther Boles

Mrs Jackie Low

Mrs Maria James 

Mrs Caroline Grainger

                                          Mr Marcus Warner

                                             Mr Ikenna Nze


Staff Governors:                  Mr Ryan Langford

Miss Catherine Hollands

Mrs Sharon Browning


Parent Governors:               Mr Patrick Carragher

                                               Rev. Stephen Broadie


Coopted Governors:            Mr Melvyn Chungath


Clerk to the Governors:      Octavo Governor Services


Members of Academy Trust

Appointment date, term of office and meeting attendance record

Governor Profiles


Sister Esther Boles( Foundation Governor)

I am a qualified teacher and have worked in both the primary and secondary schools. I work every day in the Reception class as a volunteer and contribute widely to the daily life of the school.  I also act as spiritual advisor to staff, pupils and parents. 

I am an active member of the Parish of Holy Innocents' and belongs to the Religious Community known as the 'Sisters of Mercy'. This Order has a long history both with the parish and with the educational community here in Orpington stretching back to the time of the original St. Anne's Orphanage which was managed by the Sisters many years ago.

I am the link governor for Religious Education.


Rev Stephen Broady ( Parent Governor)

I am an Anglican minister and I have three children at the school.  I originally trained as a secondary languates teacher and have experience of working in both secondary and further education.  I currently chair the church council of St Nicholas Church which as given me experience in the governance and oversight of a charitable organisation.  As a parent, I have had the opportunity to see the excellent work that is being done at Holy Innocents' School.  As a governor I would like to contribute something to the local community and to be part of an organisation whose core values I believe I can share.


Mr Patrick Caragher (Parent Governor)

Being a Police Officer for 16 years I bring an honest and hardworking approach to my work.  It is the same attitude I would bring to this very important role as a school governor. During my time in the Metropolitan Police I have gained a lot of experience dealing with Safeguarding issues in all aspects, going into schools and local nurseries giving talks on stranger danger, road safety, internet safety and security and also giving crime prevention talks to parents etc.

I am passionate about the education of our children and I believe that every child deserves the best education to fulfill their potential and lifelong aspirations.  I feel I could become part of the team supporting the Governing Body, Headteacher, Staff and Senior Leadership Team to provide strategic direction.  The voice of the parents is so important in the running of the school.  I would listen impartially to feelings/carers on vital matters raised by parent/carers and present balanced views on issues, therefore maintaining and approachable and reliable attitude.

I am a strong believer in the value and importance of a well-balanced education and I welcome the opportunity to help the school in any capacity I can.


Barry Chalkley ( Foundation Governor)

I am a retired Finance Director and Company Secretary in the charitable sector. I am also an experienced school governor, having served on the governing body of another school prior to joining the Holy Innocents governing body.

I am a Permanent Deacon of the Catholic Church based at the adjacent parish of Holy Innocents and the main liaison between parish and school. I have a strong commitment both to the catholic faith and to education, seeing the children in our charge as the future of both our church and society. I believe that my particular combination of business experience and faith training enables me to contribute effectively to the strategic direction and business management of the school.

I have a link responsibility with the Diocesan Commission and with the Bromley Catholic Primary Schools Trust.


Melvyn Chungath ( Coopted Governor)

I was born in a Catholic family and grew up learning Catholic values from my parents, religious clergy and especially the Bishop of my home Diocese.  I had the privilege to develop my skills, knowledge and foundation skills in a Catholic school and college at my young age. 

As a governor, I hope that I will have the opportunity to learn and also bring the skills I have gained to support the development of the school.  I believe that my skills and engaging with other governors will help with the implementation of the plans for the development of the school.  Additionally, being a parent, I would bring the perspective of a parent and the understanding of the needs of children in the wholesome development of their journey through the school.  I work for a fortune 200 company in the Corporate Development team from the London office.  Through my work I have gained skills in strategic thinking, problem-solving, execution of greenfield projects and many more areas which will be of great use in working with other governors to help to make the school better year after year.


Mrs Caroline Grainger (Foundation Governor)

In my professional life I am an accountant and all too aware that a major part of governance lies in ensuring financial security however difficult the pressures on budgets. I am also a parent of three children, now grown up, who attended Holy Innocents School and have been an active parishioner for many years. I am committed to the school retaining its caring and supportive atmosphere alongside the pursuit of academic excellence. I am delighted to be a member of the governing body and support the school in its continued development.


Catherine Hollands (Deputy Head Teacher & Staff Governor)

I joined Holy Innocents' Catholic School in September 2014 as Deputy Headteacher after teaching for 7 years in a Catholic school in Swanley. I am part of the senior management team of the school and am very pleased to be able to contribute to the development of the school through being a member of the Governing Body.

I am passionate that all children in our care are offered the opportunities to realise their full potential and, as a practicing Christian, I am dedicated to the school maintaining and living through its Catholic Christian identity.


Mrs Maria James (Foundation Governor)

I am a Solicitor specialising in family and children law based near Liverpool Street in the City of London. In my professional life I must act with objectivity and always in the best interests of my clients but also with a critical eye for any issues that need to be addressed. I want to offer these skills for the benefit of the school in my capacity as Parent Governor – both in terms of taking an objective view on issues that affect our school and our children, as well as keeping the best interests of both in the forefront of my mind so that Holy Innocents can continue to improve and achieve academic excellence, while at the same time maintaining its unique welcoming and safe environment.

I have two daughters – one is at Holy Innocents already and the other will join reception in September 2015. I have been an active member of the Holy Innocents‘ Parish for nearly 20 years – I have just become one of the children’s liturgy volunteers and previously was a member of the Parish’s safeguarding team.

I am the link governor for Safeguarding.


Ryan Langford (Headteacher)

I am the current Headteacher of Holy Innocents’ Catholic Primary School. I joined the school in January 2011. I have worked in several other Catholic primary schools before joining Holy Innocents’ and am a passionate believer in the Catholic education system.

I really enjoy working with the governors, staff parents and pupils at this school and feel very privileged to be part of it.


Jackie Low (Foundation Governor)

I am a qualified teacher and work part time in the school teaching mathematics.  I have many years of experience working in Catholic Education both at senior management level and in teacher training.

I have been a parishioner here in Orpington for many years. My now grown-up children attended Holy Innocents School – or St Anne’s as it was then – and I also taught there. Indeed, when visiting the school now, I often come face to face with the children of children I’ve taught!

I believe that every child is entitled to the very best educational experiences, within a caring and supportive environment, in order for their unique potential to develop. My aim is to support Mr Langford and his staff in their ambition to achieve this.

I am the link governor for pupil premium and sports premium.


Marcus Warner (Foundation Governor)

I am a hospital pharmacist specialising in cancer health informatics and I lead a small team that delivers an electronic prescribing service to seven hospital sites at three different Trusts within South East London. I have extensive experience of multi-disciplinary working on various groups and committees with responsibility for governance, financial and operational performance. I feel that I can use these skills and experiences to support the work of the governing body. As a husband and father of two young boys I am a firm believer in the importance of a Catholic education and our critical role in passing on the faith to our children. I try to reflect these values and choices for my own family and this is why I feel having a thriving Catholic primary school within our Parish is vital to the life of the community.


Ian Wilson (Foundation Governor)

I have worked in education for thirty five years and have held senior posts in schools both in the UK and abroad. I was, until I retired, a senior inspector/adviser with a Local Authority, working mainly with primary schools. I have been a consultant with the National College for School Leadership, an adviser for Head Teacher Performance Management and a Registered Inspector with Ofsted. I have led the inspections of many primary schools.

I am married with two children and am an active member of Holy Innocents' Parish. I am very pleased to be a member of the school Governing Body and to be able to contribute to the continued development of the school.




Governing Body letter to parents 2020 - 21

Minutes of Governing Body and Committee meetings

(Please note that, at each meeting, the minutes of the previous meeting are agreed and 'signed off''; they are then added below i.e. the minutes of meetings in a particular term are available in the following term.

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