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Why did the Great Fire eventually stop? Recap on why the fire stopped (houses were
pulled down to stop the fire spreading to other houses, the wind had died down). Discuss the impact of
the fire on London, and the devastation it had caused, leading to the city needing to rebuild.


Who made the decisions about what happened next to London?
Who was involved in rebuilding London after the fire? (the King, architects, the Lord Mayor).


How should London be rebuilt? Explain that the King wanted London to be rebuilt so that a disaster such
as the Great Fire could not be repeated. Show the children pictures of the streets of London before the
fire, and discuss. Q. What was dangerous? What could make the new houses safer? What can be done
to make the streets cleaner? What could they do to make the streets safer? Make a list things that would make London a safer place.

ACTIVITY: How would you rebuild London?
Imagine being an architect in 1666 who wants to re-design London as a safer place. Model this first, drawing a house and street and labelling various features e.g. houses made from bricks. Children to create a design of a London street for King Charles II, detailing their ideas about what the new houses and streets should look like, with labels for materials and new safety features.

Children can use the Build a House Activity, so that they can piece together parts of a new house and label materials
used. Discuss their ideas for how the house is safe and better than the wooden homes of 1666.