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Hi Year 4!


I am sad we are not able to continue learning at school, however, I am excited to see your progress continue at home! I have tried to keep your normal timetable with a few minor changes/additions. Please try and complete each activity to the best of your ability and put in just as much effort as you would at school. I have also tried to give you an equal balance of screen time and writing tasks as well as lots of opportunities for movement! Please try hard to continue reading as much as possible and practise your times tables too. 


I am counting on you to make the most of the opportunities given to you - I will be watching closely!!


If you need passwords, please ask parents to message me on Class Dojo. Additionally, if you need help completing a task, please get in contact - I will be available as much as possible. 


Keep up your hard work and I will see you soon! yes

Stay safe,

Miss S smiley