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Choose two characters of your choice e.g.

Batman and Robin

Elsa and Ana

Harry Potter and Ron Weasley.


Create your own dialogue between the two characters. Be sure to remember the rules when writing speech:

"" - Inverted commas around the speech.

!?,. - Punctuation after the speech but before the second inverted comma.

C - Capital letter after the first inverted comma.

New speaker, New line.


For example:


Harry Potter anxiously bit his lip and asked Ron, "Do you think Snape will come after us?"

"Yes," replied Ron, scratching his head. "I think he's going to gather the other wizards and come after us straight away."

"We need a plan to get away," muttered Harry quietly. "One where we remain safe and to a place where Snape cannot catch us."

"What about my parent's house!" exclaimed Ron excitedly.

"Great idea!" cried Harry. "Let's go right away."