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This week we are on week 3 of the White rose maths scheme, even though if you go online it says week 4. 

We are 1 week behind the scheme as when it was released the weekly timetable had already been set.

They have now taken all worksheets and video links off the website as they are no longer free, however as a school we have subscribed so continue to have access to them for home learning and when we return to school.

Each week there will now be video links and daily worksheets available form the class page to download, complete and mark.

If you have already completed the multiply and divide for week 4 as it stated 11th May DON'T PANIC! I have downloaded the sheets answers and links into a separate folder so you can access them and complete the add and subtract that was last week's tasks. It doesn't help that they have removed the previous weeks work from the website.

Sorry for the long winded explanation but this was an unexpected event.