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Minecraft Club

Week three winner Aidan Roper, Year 4

Week two winner is Aaron Benny, Year 5 for creating a caterpillar

 For Spring 2 Scheme of Work is:

Spring into Action!

we've got some exciting builds, from Pufferfish to Turtles. 


Week one winner is Year 5, Sidney Evans

Well done for creating a seahorse, Aidan Roper, Year 4

This weeks winner - Luke Plant - Year 3 for creating a Great White Shark

Happy New Year to you all

Welcome to the new and returning members of Minecraft Club. 
Spring Term already!


Remember to follow or progress on the Milittlepad website -

Check out the leaders board, we’re currently 27 our of 147 schools,  also your able to vote for our builds if we’re chosen in the 20. 

Each week every club has a 45 min quick build at the start eg build a PIZZA! The winner from each club that week is sent in and put up on our online gallery. The top 20 are put forward into a weekly online competition where the parents (or who ever) can vote for their favourite. The winners from the online voting get points for the inter schools leaderboard...


Once again we’ve an exciting theme and we’re looking forward to seeing some amazing, creative builds. 

This term the themes is ‘Deep Blue Sea’ 

This weeks build is an octopus 

Jacob Tiffany, Year 3 is this weeks winner

This week build is  a turtle. 

James Travers, year 5, this weeks winner.

This weeks winners are Jacob Tiffany, Year 3 & Dylan Fishlock, Year 4, for building a submarine

A huge THANK YOU to the boys who double up today to help our new members. 

Another term over, and we’d like to that the children on creating fabulous builds each week. Some have been very tricky, but they all managed to impress us. 


W’d like to take this opportunity to Thank you for your support and to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy, healthy new year. 

The topic for this term, which I think the children will really enjoy, is Pole to Pole. So we’ll be building anything from Penguins to Polar Bears. 

Please remember to vote! 

This weeks winners are are Dylan Fishlock, year 4 and James Travers, year 5 for creating a reindeer and an elf.

Well done everyone.

This weeks winner, Harry Till, Year 5 for creating another great build.

Our club this week created a Panda.

This weeks winner is Jorge Martin, Year 3 who built a amazing igloo

What can we say about the dedication of the children when creating their brilliant builds. You’re definitely making the judging harder each week.

The children concentrate so hard during their builds

This weeks winner, Siddharth Sinha, Year 4, who built a fantastic whale

Great work everyone.

Aidan Roper, Year 4 is this weeks winner for creating an super build of an artic explorer.

Great builds everyone

Daniel Broadie, Year 3 is this weeks winner!

Great builds everyone!

Welcome back to Minecraft. 

Hope you’ve all had a great summer holiday and looking forward to our new exciting topic. 


This is term we are looking at The Vikings. 


Its so so important to vote for our school if we’re selected in the top 20. You can vote as many times as possible to ensure we gain points to move up the leader board.

Thank you for your support.



Our first session was a disaster due to technical problems, but I’m  in talks with milittlepad about running an extra day at the end of the term. I’ll keep you updated. 



James Travers is this weeks winner who built a Viking Warrior

Well done everyone who created great builds

This week winners Sophie & Jorge, year 3

Well done everyone with your great builds each week, I’m so proud of you all

This weeks winner Dylan, year 4 for an amazing build of a Viking craftsman.

Brilliant builds everyone

Well done Harry, year 5, for creating a Vikings Longhouse

Great creations this week!

Well done Melita, year 4, for her amazing build of a Viking’s Feast

Great builds everyone.

A difficult build this week, well done James, Year 5 for building a Viking Longboat.

Great builds everyone!

A great Viking created by Louie

Well done!

Welcome back to Minecraft and to our new members.


I’m so proud to say that we’re ranked 40th place out of 175 schools.


This term our topic is Transport Around the World.


Please remember to visit the  Milittlepad website vote weekly for our creative builds

Please remember to go onto the milittle pad website and vote for our school, if we make it in the top 20. The more votes we receive the higher we move up the leaderboard. Thank you for your support. 😀

Winner of the Week - Harry Till, Year 4 for his amazing build of a caravan this week

Winner of the Week - Siddharth Sinha, Year Three, for his brilliant sandcastle.

Winner of the Week - Joel Broadie, Year six, after a very challenging build this week created a Donkey.

Winner this week is Aviel Obonna, Year three, who created an amazing ice cream

Great work everyone! This weeks winner is Joel Broadie, Year 6, for his fantastic Cable Car

Well done to our Minecraft members who had a challenge this week by building a Rickshaw. 



This weeks winner is Aidan Roper, Year 4

Bicycles - Week 2 Winner - Harry Till, Year 4