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Carroty wood day 1

Our final look at plants...from wire to art

Early stages in creating a frame

Creating flower sculptures from paper- bringing life to a 2D piece of paper

Hapa Zome- The Japanese art of printing using natural dyes

Party fun!

An amazing present to the class made by Janae.
Love the head wear!
My turn now....

Creating art in a Pointillist style

Finishing touches to the mummies

Stage 1 of creating mummies.. what concentration!

Class assembly November 18th

Ancient Egyptian day at Kent Life

Ready to begin
How to mummify a Pharoah
 covering the Pharoah with oil to preserve him
A Hop pickers home
Spot the owls
Look it;s a meerkat
All about building a pyramid
Working in teams
You need a steady base
Keep trying
Pyramid 1
Pyramid 3
Pyramid 4
Pyramid 5
The art of rope making
It took 4 people to do this
Working as a team again
Twist and turn it girls
Look at the concentration
Nearly there
Break time was amazing fun!
Down, down.... the bottom you go
Strength was necessary here
Clothing in Egyptian times
I think he was well dressed
Nice hair !
Fishing as a team to collect a big catch
Entertaining a Pharoah
Dance this way
Now this way.....
Finally to learn how to write in Hieroglyphics
Everything was in picture form
Help me Sekhmet!

Creating the Twin Towers

Charcoal sketches

Fun faces!

JTA's meet the Mayor!

Ancient Egypt comes to Holy Innocents'!

Danceathon for the NSPCC