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Following the most recent government guidance the preschool will reopen on Monday 1st June 2020, we would like to reassure you all measures have been put in place and risk assessments have been carried out.

We will continue to provide a weekly timetable of fun activities for the children who will not be returning to run along side what we will be doing in the preschool. If you have any queries as always please don't hesitate to contact us via the class dojo, we will respond as soon as we can, but they may be a delay in our response due to us supervising the children in preschool. 

Summer Term 2: Animals and where we may see them/How we keep healthy

Week Commencing:  29th June - 03rd July 2020

Books of the week: Pepper Pig sports day/The picky eater/Monsters don't eat Broccoli

Understanding the world: This week Holy Innocents would have been exploring keeping healthy and the children would have been practicing their activities for sports day, as sadly we wont be able to have sports day this year due to covid-19 pandemic, we thought preschool children could hold their own sports day at home with their families. Please send us in any pictures of the children enjoying their races.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Running Race

Carrot Club Scissor Control*


Balance Race 

Lunch Box*


Egg/potato and Spoon race



Hop/jump/skip race


Relay Race

Healthy Eating*

Vegetable Song*

Fruit Word Mat*


Pepper Pig Sports Day*

Jolly Phonics* 

Fruit Song*

Can you send us a picture of your written or copied name?

The Picky Eater*

Monsters don't eat broccoli*

Fruit Salad pencil control*.

Carrot Club - How many can you see*

Carrot Club Size ordering* 1 - 10 Number recognition out of sequence*

Sports Number matching*


Prepositional Language* 


Design a medal*

Looking After ourselves power point*

Vegetable Crafts*

Sports Crafts*

Super soaps handwashing story Power point*


Keeping Healthy crafts*


Fruit Crafts*


* Attachment for the activity below


Week Commencing:  22nd June - 26th June 2020

Books of the week: What Pet shall I get?, Paula the vet, The odd Pet.

Understanding the world: Pets.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Pets Scissor control activity*


Listen and Move* 

Practise using a knife and fork


Putting on coats and fastening the zip/buttons


Simon Says* 

I can drink from a cup


If your happy and you know it

Practice washing our hands whilst singing ABC song

What Pet shall I get?*

Pets Word Mat*


Rhyming words*

Jolly Phonics* 

Paula the Vet*

Recognise/Practice writing their name

CVC Initial letter matching*

The Odd Pet*

Pets pencil control*.

Pets matching activity*

2D shape flash cards* 1 - 10 Number recognition*

Pets dot to dot*


Pats counting to 10* 


Role play pets shop*

(see role play pack)

Make animals to sell in your pets shop

Dog crafts*

Make animals to sell in your pets shop

Cat crafts*


Pets Shop Song*

Fish and snake Crafts*


Make animals to sell in your pets shop

Mice and Bird crafts*

* Attachment for the activity below


Week Commencing:  15th June - 19th June 2020

Books of the week: Dear Zoo/Rumble in the Jungle/Monkey Puzzle/Giraffes cant dance/Why elephants have trunks. 

Understanding the world: Zoo/Jungle Animals.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Animal movements and sounds


Down in the Jungle*




Throwing and catching 


Elephants have wrinkles* 

Practice washing our hands whilst singing ABC song

Dear Zoo

Jolly Phonics*


Rumble in the Jungle

Jolly Phonics2syllables* 

Monkey  Puzzle

Recognise/Practice writing their name

Giraffes cant dance

I spy Zoo*

Why elephants have trunks

Animal Word Mat*.

Zoo animal size ordering*

How many in the box* Animal Lotto*

Animal matching*


Zoo animal count and colour* 


Fathers day Cards*

Junk modeling*.

Zoo themed home learning challenge*

Animal face plates*


Animal masks*


Zoo/Jungle Animal crafts*

* Attachment for the activity below

If you don't have the reading books at home they can all be found on you tube.

Week Commencing:  08th June - 12th June 2020

Books of the week: Rainbow Fish/Commotion in the Ocean/Tiddler the Story telling fish/down deep in the deep blue sea 

Understanding the world: Under The Sea.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Baby Shark song and actions*

Practice putting on sun cream

Tumble Tots*

Putting on our shoes


Spacial awareness activity

Swim/move like a fish moving in and out of the weeds (Create obstacles to move in and out of)* 


Just dance Pirates*


Just Dance - Under the Sea*

Practice washing our hands whilst singing ABC song


The Rainbow Fish*

Jolly Phonics*


Tiddler the story telling fish*

Jolly Phonics

2 syllables* 

Commotion in the ocean*

Recognise/Practice writing their name


I spy " f" What can you find?

Under the Sea Word Mat*

Can you make up your own fish story? What is your fish's name what does it look like can you draw a picture of your fish.

Under the Sea Counting*


Octopus Shapes*  Measure - Ask the children to fill cups with water talk about empty/full/more/less

Under the Sea Size ordering*

 12345 once I caught a fish alive

Under the Sea number puzzle*

Octopus Paper Chains*

Rainbow Fish*.

Aquarium LIVE*

Crafty Crabs*

Shark Plates*

Junk Modeling Treasure chest and coins

Jelly Fish Plates*


* Attachment for the activity below

Week Commencing:  01st June - 05th June 2020

Books of the week: Squash and Squeeze/Big Red Tractor/The Train Journey/Animal Magic Farm/What the ladybird heard 

Understanding the world: Farm Animals.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Old Macdonald*

Practice putting on sun cream

Sticky Kids*

Putting on our shoes



Pathway obstacle course (use chalk)* 


Just dance*

Practice washing our hands whilst singing ABC song

Sticky Kids*

Move your bodies like different farm animals eg waddle like a duck, gallop/trot like a horse


Squash and Squeeze*

Jolly Phonics*


The Big Red Tractor*

Jolly Phonics

2 sylables* 

The Train Journey*

Recognise/Practice writing their name

Noisy Farm*

I spy " t" What can you find?

What the Ladybird heard*

Talk about their favourite book this week and discuss what happened in the story.

Cut out shapes

Scissor Control activity*

Farm Yard Counting*  Recognise Numbers 1 -10 in sequence 

Positional Language - Where is the cat?*

 Recognise Numbers 1 -10 out of sequence and put them in the correct order.

Where the animals live on the farm*

Visit a pond a see what you can see.

Animal Plate activity*.

CBBC - Going to the farm*

Life Cycle of a chicken*

Junk modeling - Create farm animals*

Finger painting sheep*

Mothers and their young*

* Attachment for the activity below

Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 pandemic and as per Government guidelines the pre school has had to temporarily close. We have set up "pre school at home" for our pre school children, this will provide them with activities that will help them continue to work towards their early learning goals through fun, exploration and play.

Pre - School At Home

We hope you are all keeping safe and well during this unusual time. Each week we will be putting a timetable of different activities for our pre school children, please don't feel these are compulsory, they are offered so you as parents/carers have resources available to keep your children's little minds busy each day whilst having to stay home and unable to attend pre-school.

There will be different activities each day that cover the areas of the Early Years Foundation stage framework, this will provide the children with the opportunity to continue to work towards their early years milestones through play and exploring, using all of their senses to understand their world. 


Some of the phonic activities are focused towards our older children that are leaving in July to move up to Reception class, but please feel free to explore them with the younger children too.


At the bottom of this class page we will be putting pictures sent in to us from the children of some of the fun activities they have been doing at home, we hope this will allow you to get ideas from each other and give the opportunity  for your children see their friends  and see that they too are staying home and keeping safe.

Please continue to send your pictures in via the class dojo we really enjoy seeing them.


Please feel free to message us on the class dojo with any questions or ideas and we will try to help as much as we can.


Miss Eldridge and Mrs Gregory

Summer Term 1: Life Cycles and Mini Beasts

Week Commencing:  18th May - 22nd May 2020

Books of the week: Five Green and Speckled Frogs - Angelena Jean/A Teeny Tiny Tadpole

Understanding the world: Lifecycle of a Frog.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Tumble Tots*

Create a fruit salad

Pirates life for me*


Can you Jump and hop like a frog?

Can you hop on one foot and swap to the other foot?


Sticky Kids* 

Try a new healthy food and tell us about it.

Banana Banana Meatball* 

Five green and speckled frogs -

Angelena Jean*

Jolly Phonics*

Pencil Control Activity* 

Recognise/Practice writing their name

Story using their finger puppet frogs

Jolly Phonics*

I spy " F" What can you find?

A Teeny Tiny Tadpole Story*

Five Speckled Frogs song*

Frog counting Jigsaw* How many tadpoles can you see?* 

How many different groups of objects can you make

eg 2 sticks, 4 leaves, 7 stones

 Everyday shape activity

Life Cycle of a Frog*


Make your own finger puppet frogs*

With an adult use the internet to look up pictures of tadpoles and frogs

Create frogs using kitchen roll*

Picture of a tadpole and a  frog*

* Attachment for the activity below

Week Commencing:  11th May - 15th May 2020

Book of the week: Jack and the Beanstalk      

Understanding the world: Lifecycle of a Plant.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Sticky Kids*

 Can you get yourself dressed?

Tumble Tots*

Can you brush your hair?

Can you Jump? high/low/star

Can you wash your hands?

Catch and throw a large ball

Can you put on your shoes?

Sticky Kids*

 Can you brush your teeth?

Jack and the Beanstalk*

Jolly Phonics*

Use a book to read/tell a story 

Recognise/Practice writing their name

Jolly Phonics*

I spy " P" What can you find?

Picture of a plant growing


Water measuring

Empty/Half Full/Full


Flower 2D shape Activity How many flowers can you find?

How tall are you and your family?

Who is Tall/short Bigger/smaller


Beanstalk sizing activity

Life Cycle of a plant*

Sun Flower/Cress planting

Make your own garden/mini beasts

junk modeling*

Draw a picture of your families enjoying

nature outside

Flower scissor control activity

Nature Pictures*

Outdoors Explorers

What can you see?

* Attachment for the activity below

Week Commencing:  4th May - 8th May 2020

Book of the week: The Very Hungry Caterpillar     

Understanding the world: Lifecycle of a Butterfly.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Sticky Kids* Over, Under & Through Sticky Kids* Hopping and Balance Sticky Kids*

The Very Hungry Caterpillar*

Jolly Phonics*

Mark making

Recognise/Practice writing their name

Jolly Phonics*

I spy " S" What can you find?

Mark making through messy play

(see below)

Number sequencing 1-10

(Using your caterpillars)

Look for Triangles in your home. Ladybirds Counting*

How many different creatures can you

count on your nature hunt

Mini Beasts Sizing*

Making Caterpillars*

Bug Hotel* Rainbow Picture

Outdoor nature hunt

Butterfly Pictures*

Play dough*or flour

* Attachment for the activity below

Welcome to Holy Innocents Pre-school page, our names are Ms Eldridge (Pre-School Manager) and Mrs Gregory (Pre-School Assistant Manager). This is just a small part of all of the exciting things we do, we think you will enjoy sharing the journey with us and the children.



2019 Autumn Term 1 Planning

Week 1: The children have all really settled in well, especially the children that have joined us this September. To continue to help the children settle in our topic this term is "All about me" the children will be making self portraits that can be seen on our lovely welcome board in the pre-school. They will be bringing in special boxes from home to help them get to know their new friends and bringing in their favourite books from home to share with everyone.

Our Pre School welcome board

The children enjoying talking with their new friends whilst playing with the pizza dough.

Week 2: We asked the children to bring in special boxes from home with some items and photos that are important to them so they can tell us all about their homes and families. The children really enjoyed standing up and showing us what they had brought in and who the people was in their photos.

The children sharing their special boxes with their friends.

Week 3: This week the children brought in their favourite books from home and shared them with the other children.

We also became explorers and walked to our beautiful nature area, the children spotted lots of living creatures in our pond and enjoyed looking for all of the ripe fruits and vegetables in the vegetable garden.

Exploring the nature area and enjoying the lovely weather.

Week 4: The children used mirrors to look at their reflections and make pictures of their faces. They talked with their friends about all of the similarities and differences they could see. We also talked about emotions and how they was feeling, they made their face plate pictures to express the emotions they was feeling.


We had lots of fun with some foam messy play using our hands and different objects and shapes to make marks and some fun hand painting.

Week 5: This week we talked about sharing, taking turns and being kind to each other. The children did really well and showed us some really good team work.

Week 6: This week the children explored physical movement, they used spacial awareness, balance, and over and under movements. They enjoyed their PE lesson where they completed the assault course that was set up for them. The children used these skills in their own play during outdoor play where they set up their own balance beam using the bricks.

Week 7: This week we continued to explore our physical development, so we wrapped up warm and ventured up to playground. The children used large balls to kick, throw and catch. We used the hula hoops to roll and chase after, all that running around kept us nice and warm.

As sadly the weather has started to get colder the children practised putting on their own coats and trying to do up their own zips/buttons. They all did really well and was really proud of themselves.

Autumn Term 2: This term our topic is "Festivals and Celebrations". The children will be talking about Diwali, Fireworks and how to stay safe, Remembrance Day and of course the exciting lead up to Christmas we have lots of fun things to look forward to with the Nativity, Christmas jumper day and the Christmas party, but we will also be talking about the true meaning of Christmas and why we celebrate it. 

Week 1: This week the children have learnt about the Diwali Festival of Light, we have talked about the Hindu culture and what the celebration means. The children made Diwali lamps and Rangoli Patterns and we made firework pictures with splatter paints which was great fun.

Week 2:This week the children talked about fireworks and how we can keep safe. They made their own rocket pictures using triangles and rectangle shapes and they made firework pictures using chalks. We have also been talking about Remembrance day and making poppies that are looking beautiful on our classroom display board.

Today was "Be bright be seen" day, promoting road safety and all of the children in the school were able to design their be bright be seen shoes and wear them to school. One of our preschool children designed his own shoes and was very excited to come and show them to us.

Week 3: Even though Winter has definitely arrived and the weather has turned chilly the children have been putting on their coats, hats and gloves and still enjoying outside play. They have been doing lots of running, jumping, riding bikes and playing football to keep warm. Here is some pictures of the children enjoying some physical activities.

Week 4: This week the Pre-school took delivery of a lovely new bookcase, this means the children can now see and enjoy a wide range of books. The children enjoyed reading the books together and telling each other stories. We will be talking with the children about how we look after books, how books have a beginning, middle and end and how books can give us information and tell a story. We will be using props and pictures from books to help the children make up their own stories. 

Week 5: This week marked the start of Advent, and pre-school have been given a beautiful nativity display. We have been talking with the children about the true meaning of Christmas and how we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

You may have noticed over the last few weeks the children have been singing Christmas songs at home, this is because they have been practising their songs for the KS1 nativity. Well this week all the practising paid off and pre school joined Reception, Year 1 & 2 and did us all really proud and took part in two fantastic performances. We hope you all managed to come and see them, here is some pictures of our pre school angels.


Well done Pre School you were amazing!

Week 6: The children have been looking at 2D shapes and what shapes we can see in the pre-school. We have been using the wooden puzzles to look at different shapes and how we can make them fit. We have also been making all sorts of Christmas arts and crafts including Christmas hats for our party next week.

Week 7: We are all  starting to feel very excited about Christmas and we have been enjoying doing lots of Christmas activities. On Friday it was Christmas jumper day for the whole school and pre-school all came in looking amazing.

Week 8: So we have come to the last week of our longest term, the children have been amazing and made us very proud. We celebrated by having a Christmas party which I think we all thoroughly enjoyed. We had some musical entertainment from Jolly Dinosaurs and a special visit from Santa. 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Spring term 1: We hope everyone had a lovely Christmas break and wishing all a very happy new year!

We not only welcome back all of our pre-school children but we would also like to welcome and introduce our new Pre-school assistant Mrs Vinay.

This term our topic is "People who help us". The children will be looking at the roles of different important figures in the community, and we will be having visits to the pre school from Polices officers, a nurse, Fire Fighters and their fire engine and a dentist.

Week 1: The Pre School had some new children join us this term, we are pleased to say they have all settled in really well and it was lovely to see all of our original children playing with them and making them feel welcome. 

The children enjoying their music lesson with spencer the bear.

Week 2: This week we have been talking about police officers and their role, what they may look like and what transport they use. The children have talked about who they should tell if they was lost and how to call 999 if they had an emergency.

The children made Police hats to wear.

At Holy Innocents we are extremely lucky to be situated on such beautiful grounds, so the children get to experience all of this, this week we have introduced forest school in the pre school, the children will go in small groups to explore our nature area, vegetable garden and pond and join in with lots of forest school activities.

The children enjoying the forest school activities, bark rubbing, collecting sticks, wood and leaves to create insect habitats.

Week 3: This week the children have been talking about, Doctors, Nurses, Hospitals, Ambulances and Paramedics and all the different roles they have to keep us healthy. We explored what they may look like and what transport they use. We also had a nurse come in  to pre-school and talk to the children about her different roles which was really good fun!

The children dressed as nurses wearing aprons and gloves and was able to put bandages on each other and listen to each others heartbeats through stethoscopes.

This week we also celebrated Chinese New Year and we was lucky to have one of our children's parents come into the pre school and tell the story of why it is celebrated. She also made lanterns and fish with the children which we was able to decorate the pre- school with. A big thank you to our parent helper we all really enjoyed it!

Week 4: Continuing this terms topic "People who help us" the pre-school children enjoyed a visit from the Fire Brigade. The children got to sit in the fire engine, try on the hats and even spray the hose. Not only did we have really good fun, the children learnt about how dangerous fire can be.

Week 5: This week we had a dentist came to visit us in pre-school. The children talked about what is good and bad for their teeth and how they brush their teeth at home to keep them healthy. They was able to practice teeth brushing with a giant tooth brush which was good fun.

A big thank you to Dr Ogretme the Dentist (and parent)for coming in to talk to us and for the children's goodie bags they were all very excited to go home and use their new tooth brushes and tooth paste.

Week 6: Here at pre-school we are lucky enough to have our own music lesson each week, which we all really look forward to. Keeping in with this terms topic "people who help us" we have been learning a song about fire officers, the children have been learning the signs as well as the words to the song. This week we added instruments which was really good fun, and the children did such a good job.

We hope you have enjoyed this term as much as we have. Have a lovely half term break.

Spring Term 2 : This term our topic is "Transport". The children will be looking at different forms of transport. We will be exploring road safety and we will be having a trip on a bus and a visit to the train station.

Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 pandemic and as per Government guidelines the pre school has had to temporary close. We have set up "pre school at home" for our pre school children, this will provide them with activities that will help them continue to work towards their early learning goals through fun, exploration and play.

We have asked the children to send in pictures of some of the fun activities they have been doing at home, some from our pre school at home timetable and some of their own great ideas, this will allow you to share ideas and give the opportunity for your children to see their friends and see that they too are staying home and keeping safe.


The children sent us pictures of the amazing Easter hats they have made.
Summer Term 1: This term our topic is "Life Cycles and Mini Beasts". The children will learn about some of the wonderful transitions of a butterfly from a caterpillar, tadpole to frog, and explore the outside world for mini beasts.

Week 1: Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Mini Beasts and Other fun activities:

Week 2: Life Cycle of a Plant

This week we had the brilliant news that preschool could re open, so with all new safety measures in place we welcomed back some of our preschool children. The children settled in well and we are really proud of how well they all took to the new social distancing measures we have in place. We have been having lots of fun and have been enjoying lots of outside play due to the lovely weather we have been having. We still miss our children that haven't returned and we hope you are all keeping safe and well!. Please keep sending in your pictures from home and we will put them onto the class page.
Summer Term 2 - Animals and where we might see them/Healthy Eating.
Week 1 - Farm Animals

The children made sheep using cut out shapes, then used finger painting to paint on their wool.

We talked about farms and that the farmers grow vegetables as well as keep animals. The children planted their own vegetables and we talked about wthat they need to grow.

Week 2 - Under the Sea

The children enjoying making under the sea crafts.

We enjoyed some fun in the sun and played catching and trowing the balls. We finished it off with a fun picnic on the grass outside.

The children looked at different paterns that could identify animals they may see in the wild.