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Welcome to Holy Innocents Preschool, our names are Ms Eldridge (Preschool Manager) and Mrs Gregory (Preschool Assistant Manager) and Mrs Vimal (Preschool Assistant). This is just a small part of all of the exciting things we do, we think you will enjoy sharing the journey with us and the children.



Autumn Term 1 - All About Me and Autumn Planning

This term our topic is "All about me", learning about themselves is a fundamental part of childhood development, they will explore what makes them the same and what makes them different from others.

Week 1: The children have all really settled in well, especially the children that have joined us this September. To continue to help the children settle in our topic this term is "All about me" to help us and the children to get to know each other.


Week 2: This week we have talked about emotions, the children used circle faces and foam faces to express the emotions they were feeling.


Week 3: This week we have talked about people that are important to us. The children have been drawing some wonderful pictures of their families.
We have been making the most of the lovely weather and enjoying a lot of outdoor play.

Week 4: The children used mirrors to look at their reflections and make pictures of their faces. They talked with their friends about all of the similarities and differences they could see. The children will be making hand prints and self portraits that can be seen on our lovely welcome board in the preschool. 

The children used paint and moved marbles around in their trays to make their pictures.

Week 5: The children have started to explore Autumn and what changes we will see this season. We have looked at Autumn colours and collected seeds from our sunflower heads to plant in our flower bed next year.
The Children have been exploring written numbers and matching quantities.
We have been talking about different types of homes people live in and the children use junk modeling to talk about and make their own homes.
Week 6: The children have had an amazing first term and we are all really pleased with how the children have settled into preschool. Our topic has been "All about me" and the children have talked and shared stories about themselves and explored what makes us and our families unique and although we are all different we are all friends. We have had lots of fun and the children always try their best with all the activities we have been doing.

This term our topic is "Festivals and Celebrations". The children will be talking about Diwali, Fireworks and how to stay safe, Remembrance Day, Hannuka The Jewish festival of light, Thanksgiving and of course the exciting start of Avent and lead up to Christmas we have lots of fun things to look forward to with the Nativity, Christmas jumper day and the Christmas party, but we will also be talking about the true meaning of Christmas and why we celebrate it. 

Week 1: This week the children talked about fireworks and how we can keep safe. They made their own rocket pictures using triangles and rectangle shapes and they made firework pictures using chalks.We made firework pictures with splatter paints which was great fun.


We have been looking at number sequencing and the children have shown us their mathematical skills.
Week 2: This week we have been talking about Remembrance day and making poppies that are looking beautiful on our classroom display board.
The children have been using their physical (fine motor skills) and their literacy skills to sound out the letters and write their own names. The children was very proud of their achievements. 

Week 3: This week the children have explored Diwali The Hindu Festival of Light, we have talked about the Hindu culture and what the celebration means. The children made Diwali lamps, Rangoli Patterns and garlands.

The children have been exploring 2d shapes and how we can find and see them in the environment around them. They searched the preschool and brought back items to match their shapes.
Week 4: The children have talked about the Jewish festival of light Hannukka. They made Menorah candles and counted each candle, they talked abound how one candle was lit each day for 9 days.

This week the children also explored physical movement, they used spacial awareness, balance, and over and under movements. They enjoyed their PE lesson where they completed the assault course that was set up for them. 

The children also explored the American celebration of thanks giving.

Week 6: This week marked the start of Advent, we have been talking with the children about the true meaning of Christmas and how we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

You may have noticed over the last few weeks the children have been singing Christmas songs at home, this is because they have been practising their songs for our very own preschool nativity.

We are all  starting to feel very excited about Christmas and we have been enjoying doing lots of Christmas activities. On Friday it was Christmas jumper day for the whole school and preschool all came in looking amazing.

Christmas Jumper Day

Our Christmas wreath the children made to hang on the preschool door.

Christmas tree Christmas cards

The children made star decorations to take home and hang on their christmas trees.

Christmas tree decorations.

Snowmen Christmas tree decorations.

This is our preschool festival and celebrations display board filled with all of our children's amazing work. Doesn't it look good!

The children enjoying their Christmas dinners, with some Christmas songs, crackers and dancing.

Week 7: Well this week all the practising paid off and the children performed their story of the birth of Jesus to all of the parents and the rest of the school via Zoom and they was absolutely amazing....WELL DONE PRESCHOOL WE ARE VERY PROUD OF YOU! 

We hope you all managed to log on and watch them.

Finally the children enjoyed a very well deserved preschool christmas party with crackers, our Christmas hats, yummy food and lots of dancing and party games. We all had lots of fun!

Myself, Ms Eldridge and Mrs Vimal would like to say how proud we are of our preschool children, due to COVID it has been far from normal, however with the children's resilience and enthusiasm and the fact they greet us with big smiles each morning it has felt as close to normal as we could get.

The children have worked really hard especially practising their nativity, the performance they gave on the day was outstanding, we received so many messages of praise from the teachers, children and our parents.

We would like to say a huge thank you for your kindness and generosity this Christmas, we appreciate all of your cards and gifts.

We hope you and your families stay safe and well this Christmas and we look forward to welcoming you all back in January.

Spring Term 1 - Space and Transport Planning

Pre - School At Home

We hope you are all keeping safe and well and have enjoyed the Christmas break. Each week we will be putting a timetable of different activities for our pre school children, please don't feel these are compulsory, they are offered so you as parents/carers have resources available to keep your children's little minds busy each day whilst having to stay home and unable to attend pre-school.

There will be different activities each day that cover the areas of the Early Years Foundation stage framework, this will provide the children with the opportunity to continue to work towards their early years milestones through play and exploring, using all of their senses to understand their world. 


Some of the phonic activities are focused towards our older children that are leaving in July to move up to Reception class, but please feel free to explore them with the younger children too.


Please send us your pictures of the children participating in any the activities they have been doing at home via the dojo or by email, we will post them on here, we hope this will allow you to get ideas from each other and give the opportunity  for your children see their friends  and see that they too are staying home and keeping safe.



Week Commencing:  04 January - 08 January 2021

Books of the week:  Back to Earth with a Bump, The Owl that was afraid of the dark, On the moon, A Tale of two feathers and Good day, Good night.

Understanding the world: Space - Night and day


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Sticky Kids - lets go walking

Back to Earth with a bump Scissor control activity

Tumble Tots - Wiggley Woo

Practise using a knife and fork

Just Dance - Pirates life for me

Putting on coats and fastening the zip/buttons


Simon Says


Over, Under and Through


If your happy and you know it

Practice washing our hands whilst singing ABC song

Back to Earth with a bump Story


Back to Earth with a bump pencil control

The Owl that was afraid of the dark


Jolly Phonics

Owl Word Mat 

On the Moon Story


Recognise/Practice writing their name

A tale of two feathers story


Light and Dark Word Mat

Good Day Good Night



Jolly Phonics

Back to Earth with a bump counting cards*

Owl Shape Matching

Owl Counting 

1-10 and 1-20

Night and day size ordering


Morning and Night Routines


Back to Earth with a bump Pebbles




Owl and Fox stick Puppets


Owl Babies

Story Puppets

Day and night time activity


Day and Night Plate


Light and Dark Game


Moon Crafts


Night and day sorting activity

Day and Night Song

Sun Crafts


* Attachment for the activity in the folders below

Some of our preschool children enjoying some of the preschool at home activities... and doing them really well by the looks of these pictures.

Week Commencing:  11 January - 15 January 2021

Books of the week: If I was and Astronaut, Hey ho to Mars we go, Peppa in Space, Solar System, Space Rocket Ride.

Understanding the world: Space - Solar system, Planets and Stars

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Sticky Kids - Stand up Sit down


Off to Space Scissor control activity

Tumble Tots - Elephants have wrinkles



Can you get dressed?

Banana Banana Meatball




Can you try a new healthy food and tell us what it was and if you enjoyed it?


Down in the Jungle


Can you brush your teeth?


5 Little men in a flying saucer


Practice washing our hands whilst singing ABC song

If I was an Astronaut Story


Off to Space pencil control

Hey Ho to Mars we Go Story


Jolly Phonics

Planet Word Mat 

Peppa in Space Story



Recognise/Practice writing their name

Solar System story


Space Pencil control Maze

Space Song Rocket Ride Story



Jolly Phonics

Space Word Mat

Space counting Activity


Space Number Sequencing Puzzle

Cut and Stick Rocket Shapes




Space I Spy 1-10

Space I Spy 1-20


Space Number matching


Space size ordering





Counting and Matching Puzzle




Planet Name Cards



Air Powered Rockets





Planet Ordering



Telescopes Craft





Planet Colouring pages



Planet Craft

Flying Saucer Craft




Making and Astronaut


Rocket Craft




Describe it Alien game



Space Rocks Craft




* Attachment for the activity in the folders below

The children in preschool made aliens in space ships today, they used scissors to cut out the shapes.

The children in preschool are doing the same activities as the children at home and are practising their pencil control and learning about space and planets.

Our preschool children remote learning