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Term 6 - Week 7


Optional times table tests:










Term 6 - Week 6

Please see this week's learning below:



Lesson 1:

LQ: Can I distinguish between factual information and opinions based on factual information?


Fact = Tells what actually happened and can be proven true or false

Opinion = Tells an attitude or judgement and cannot be proven true or false



1. You will be given a passage and you need to highlight the facts in one colour and underline opinions in another.  

2. Then explain the difference between fact and opinion:


The difference between fact and opinion is that a fact is______________________________________ and an opinion is___________________________. These are both important in newspaper reports because________________________________.

Lesson 2

LQ: Can I read as a reader? 



Read the text and answer the comprehension questions.

Lesson 3

LQ: Can I identify the features of a newspaper report? 



Identify and highlight the key features in the newspaper report. Can you find any features other than the ones listed below?



Attention grabbing headline

Hook in the introduction

5 Ws (Who? What? When? Why? Where?)

Quote the central character

Detail in the key story


Lesson 4

LQ: Can I write a newspaper report?



Write a newspaper report on a topic of your choice. Remember to include the key features. 

Other subjects

History/ Guided Reading

LQ: Can I explain why some steam locomotives are historically significant, say how and why steam locomotives changed over time and describe the similarities and differences between the steam locomotives?


Task: read the text and answer the comprehension questions. 


LQ: Can I identify that a shadow can change over time?



Make your own sundial. You can use the template in the document below or craft your own from other materials in your home. 

Make Your Own Sundial!

Squeaks broke his watch! Luckily Jessi knows of a handy way to tell time, with a sundial!Hi there! We at SciShow want to learn more about you and your opinio...



LQ: Can I reflect on the choices I have made?



Reflect on the choices you make in everyday life. Are you living your life through Jesus? Write and decorate a prayer about making good choices and strengthening your relationship with God.




LQ: Can I make a melody?



Using an instrument or items from the house make a melody. 





Go outside and play a sport or follow Joe Wicks' workout below:


Active 8 Minute Workout Featuring Izzy | The Body Coach TV

This is another great 8 minute workout, suitable for all ages.8 exercises | 35 seconds work | 25 seconds restRun on the spotRunning punchesFront kicksCrab ki...



Please test your spellings and timetables. Get outside for some fresh air and a run around. Then, using powerpoint presentation or Google slides, make a presentation all about you (just like we have been doing in class). In the afternoon, pick a craft of your choice or do something creative!















Welcome to remote learning for Year 3! smiley

Here you will find a timetable of what we will be covering each day. There will be 3 zoom sessions per day for you to join (see Class Dojo for the video links) and on this page I will be setting your independent learning. 

If you have any questions please contact me via Class Dojo - I will always be on hand to support you throughout the day.

See you on zoom, every weekday, at 9am. 

Mrs Cosgrove 

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