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Summer Term Week 3

Welcome to another week of Home Learning. I have really enjoyed reading and seeing the work that are regularly sending in. Keep that up and remember to challenge yourself. This week you will Be planning and writing stories, finding out more about rainforests, telling the time as well as learning about a very special period of history. This week we mark an important day on May 8th. It is the day that the UK marked the end of the war with Germany. It is important to remember that many countries took part in the war against the Nazis, and that many of these countries recognise a different day usually the 9th of May.  Some of you have told me about your own relatives who experienced the war, perhaps this week you could find out more. We will also learn about another special day (can you find out what that is?)


This week Mrs. Lake and Miss Kavanagh will be phoning to say hello and see how we are all faring. Have a great week. Remember to try hard with your work but also have fun, get some exercise and be really well-behaved for your family. 

Remember to start your day with PE, You can use the Joe Wicks workout but if you want to try something else perhaps you could try Cosmic Yoga or even a dance workout. Put on some music and lead everyone in lots of dancing.






English Plan a story.  Read the story on pages 5-6. Then read pages 16-19.


Write your story

English Creative writing  Read instructions

English Letter Writing. See instructions.

English VE Day comprehnsion

Maths Time to the Minute

MathsTime Am and PM

Maths Time 24 Hour Clock

Maths Time Duration

Maths Time Duration

Topic Rainforests

Topic Rainforests

 RE The Last Supper

Topic History VE Day

Topic History  VE Day