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Term 2 wk1/2

Welcome back Year 5 and I hope you enjoyed your half term work break and morning lie in!



We are kicking off the new term with a set of easy homophones which will be tested on Friday 13th November. They sound the same but have different meanings. Let's get learning and identifying them so they are used correctly.


This has been set to start on Friday looking at negative numbers we have already studied and line graphs from this first week.

Topic quiz

Inventors and their inventions 2 for Wednesday

Purple mash

Check out the web page for purple mash with the instructions on how to create a Christmas card and how to submit it.

There will be a certificate for all who have taken part. Who knows you may be a winner and get 10 copies of your card printed out for you and a voucher? The 2Do is where you find the tools you need, saving instructions are also given on the main page. Good luck!