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Term 2 wk4

This week we will be watching a modern version of a classic story of The 3 Musketeers on a zoom performance. Do you know who they were? When the story was  based? Where they lived? If not try to find out.... we will have a sneak preview before the performance so we all the know the background.

All for one and one for all!!


Your spellings this week are again silent letters in words. An amazing effort last week by all with only a few slip ups. Remember to practise them in sentences to show your understanding and help retain the spelling.

Purple Mash

It's a Purple mash week this week for Maths, grammar and reading!

Chapter 2 of Beth in Egypt with 5 quiz questions after reading the chapter.

Circus Tent- Using a colon to introduce a list followed by commas.

Maths involving tables 3,4,&8, factors and multiples.


Topic quiz

Don't forget your list in your reading log about the name for a collection of animals.