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Hi Year 4 laugh


You will have received the news that our class is not to return to school until September sad However, we will now be having weekly catch ups on 'zoom' (video messaging service) and Mrs Anderson and I are very much looking forward to seeing you all! Please check class Dojo story for the link for MONDAY 09:30! Each week we will have time for show and tell and this week's turn is for those of you who are in JUPITER so be ready to share your news! 


The timetable this week may look jam-packed but do not fear! I have reduced the amount of Maths per day and tried to make the activities less worksheet based. I have also added art each day as it is National Insect Week and there were too many amazing opportunities to miss on there angel


Thank you to those who have completed their answers for your reports. Please check class Dojo story for a list of questions that I need you to complete ASAP please!


Only 4 weeks left until the end of term laugh