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LQ: Can I integrate dialogue into a narrative?


Task: Write the beginning of a story, inspired by the picture below, including some dialogue. Remember to include the correct punctuation and action. The PDF document below is a dialogue word mat to support you with alternative words to 'said'. You can use the sentence below to begin your story, if you would like:


Thump! He slammed his enormous, grass - covered foot into the middle of the road, sending shockwaves of dust and debris in all directions.



LQ: Can I count in pounds and pence?



LQ: Can I know about the artist Paula Rego and draw illustrations?


Task: Imagine you are an illustrator for story books. Draw an illustration for the front cover of the story below.



A Swahili Folk Tale 'The Monkey and the Crocodile':  


Once upon a time there was a monkey and a crocodile. They started to talk and to play. Eventually they became good friends. The crocodile asked the monkey to come home with him because he had a present for him. He said that he would carry the monkey to his house to save his legs from becoming tired. The monkey wanted to go home with his new friend, and kindly accepted the offer of a lift on his back. 


As the friends were travelling, the monkey noticed that the crocodile looked very sad and worried. He asked the crocodile what was wrong. The crocodile explained that the king of his country was very ill - everyone was worried about him. He needed a monkey’s heart to cure him. The monkey thought this was very sad. He explained that if he had known, he could have brought his heart with him, but he had left it behind at home.  The crocodile offered to take the monkey back to his village to get his heart so that he could help the crocodile’s king. But the crocodile was tricked! As the monkey’s village became closer, the monkey leapt up into the nearest tree and would not be tempted back down to the crocodile. From the tree, the monkey told the crocodile a story about a donkey, which was twice persuaded to be with a lion, being eaten the second time. ‘I am not a donkey’ explained the monkey..