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English- Looking at the text as a writer

Before we start this task go to p.64 in your grammar booklet in your pack and complete the page on Punctuating speech in 2 parts.

Using the Text as a writer sheet in your pack identify the Introduction, Build up, Resolution and Ending by putting a line down the left hand side of the writing, or bracketing it.

Now identify by skim and scan technique the chosen parts listed below.: speech verbs, adverbial openers, adverbs etc

Colour code when you underline them on the text but write in normal pen/pencil when you are listing them. I recommend you focus on one piece of grammar at a time so you don't confuse colour and pencils. In this way you are looking at how the writer has used a range of grammatical tools to  create the text.

Further practice at multiplying, Copy the LQ at the top of the page then write the question and answer in your remote learning book. You can choose your entry level. Ask a parent to check your answers

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