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LQ: Can I plan dialogue within a narrative?


Task: "Box up the text" - plan the innovative text which includes dialogue. This is the scenario you're planning the dialogue for:


Abeo and Ezichi are brother and sister. Abeo is always spiteful towards Ezichi because he wishes he was an only child. He often steals her food and she is left hungry most nights. One day, she decides to get her own back. She sprinkles extra hot chilli powder in her soup. How will he react when he eats her food?!



LQ: Can I subtract money?



LQ: Can I know about the artist Gainsborough and sketch/ paint a landscape?


Task: Using pencil colours, crayons or paint, create a landscape piece of art. You can find pictures online to inspire your landscape artwork or, whilst on your daily walk, sketch/ paint the landscape you see.