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Now write your innovated Rags to Riches story.. remember to use your blocking plan from yesterday.

*Look at your toolkit of things you need to remember for the dialogue sections.

*Think about the setting, structure ,repetitive phrasing and conclusion.

*Finally check and edit your work- re watch the video link to remind you of what to look out for.

*When you, not your parents, have checked it and edited in pencil above your changes please ask them to send me a copy as I'd love to read it!


R.E - Christian communities - may we all be one

Make a fact file

After watching the Power point we will be creating a fact file in your Remote learning book about a different Christian denomination e.g. Methodist, Baptist, Evangelical, Anglicans and Pentecostal. You choose one

 Ask the questions:

When did this Christian denomination begin?
Who is its leader? Who leads the worship?
What do you notice that is special or different about it?
How do people worship?
What do they believe?
What is the same?

Your fact file can be on a double page with drawings, stuck in pictures , headings, bullet points  and paragraphs or on 1 page. Your challenge is to complete a double page display of information in colour and showing interesting facts

Please snapshot and send to Dojo by Thursday.