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English: Hot Task: Dragon Information Text

We will finish writing our information text today.

Remember our toolkit: how many can you use..?

1. paragraphs and sub headings

2. interesting adjectives (try a pair)

3. generalisers (how many - the majority, most, some, a few)

4. conjunctions (see mat below)


Dragon word mat - helping you with your spelling

Fun: Letter Towers

  • Choose a word, find an object that begins with each letter of the word they chose.
  • I will build a tower and you can guess my word, then you can go off and prepare your tower.
  • We'll come back together to share and guess!


Fun: Alphabet Search Party


Fun: What's missing..?

Mrs Lake and Mrs Norris each prepare a tray of 10 objects.  They will remove 1 object - while their camera is off... can you remember what it is?


Fun: Sketch it

We will choose someone's room and draw something in it... can you guess what each other has drawn?