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Timetable Activities Week 2

Welcome to Week 2 of home learning.

I hope you are well and keeping happy.

Have a look at the timetable every day try and do some PE, Maths, English and another subject. 

Best wishes

Mrs Connon


Our learning for this week...

Home learning timetable

English - write a story, with some art

English: story writing day 1.

Plan your story - can you draw a story map what happens to the Toby... in the forest?? If you know the story of Peter and the Wolf that we have learned in class. You might a story like that, warning tale.


Beginning - introduce Toby - what sort of dog is he?

Build Up- where is he going, who does he meet?

Problem - what goes wrong?

Resolution - how is the problem solved?

Ending - what happens to Toby at the end?  Has he learnt a lesson...???


English: story writing day 2 and 3


Now use your plan/story map to write your story - remember to include dialogue

Here is your success criteria:

  • I can include dialogue in my story
  • I can include adjectives and adverbs to describe character and setting
  • I can include signposts - that link ideas (because, so, when, that) 

RE lesson 1 Palm Sunday

RE Palm Sunday - the story

Look at the picture of the palm procession and read the story about Jesus' entry into Jerusalem. 

Think about these questions:

  • Why do you think the people were cheering?
  • How do you think Jesus felt?
  • How would you have felt if you had been there?
  • What is Palm Sunday the beginning of?
  • Why is Holy Week so special

Now choose two activities to do:

1.Make Palm branches out of newspaper and have your own Palm procession

2.imagine you were in Jerusalem at the time.  Talk about the events that happened and write a letter about it to a friend in Galilee.

3.Write an account of Palm Sunday as if you were there as one of the crowd. What did you see? What did you hear? What did you feel, and what did you believe? etc…

Read about what happened on Holy Thursday.  Think/talk to someone at home about these questions:

  • Why did Jesus wash their feet?
  • How do you think the disciples felt?
  • What do you think of Peter’s reaction?
  • Why does the priest wash people’s feet today?
  • What does the story tell you about how we should be with others?

Think about/write and draw about:

Jesus showed us how to serve and do things for other people. Describe how you could take the opportunity to serve someone.


Make a list of the opportunities you find to help others

Geography: Remember all our work on weather from this term?

Have a look at a weather programme on TV. Look at the symbols that are used.  The key words that are used and what information that the weather report gives us...

I've set two activities on Purple Mash - one creates a weather map and the other activity is about creating your own weather report.smiley