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P.E- with our new coach Zuko

Join us at 11am for a workout session in the comfort of your own room. If you can have a small ball and  bin nearby that will be great. See you there!


In your pack of work try to find your copy of our new text Lazy Jack.

In your remote learning book write the date and the L.Q Can I create book talk to help me learn the text?


draw pictures as we have done in class for most words telling the story, sometime you will need to write a word e.g extremely as a picture will not come to mind.

*Indicate speech with the correct punctuation and new line for new speaker.

*Use the same picture for a word e.g stupid all the way through.

*There are a lot of repeated phrases so they should all look the same

Finish when Jack  has worked for the farmer and being told to put the milk on his head.

We will complete by Thursday this week