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Music - 'No place like' Kerry Andrews

Kerry ANDREW (born 1978)

•  British composer,   writer, performer

•  Best known for her   work with voices

•  Most famous work is   The Song of Doves for   the victims  of the July   7 London bombings

•  Has won three British   Composer Awards

No Place Like’

‘No Place Like’ was written especially for BBC Ten Pieces

This piece of music uses words contributed by children across the UK

It can be performed by voice with or without body percussion, beatboxing, classroom percussion

Kerry says: ‘No Place Like’ is about where we are all from, how we are connected, the homes we live in, and the sounds we find in our hometowns.” What does home mean to you?-

Now listen to the music especially the middle section. Jpt down diff types of singing and diff types of place/home/things within the home you heard


P.E with Coach Zuko and Miss Hockley

Make sure you are in a space with water and ready to exercise and relax after.

As this session is a revision session on division and you may finish early , please go to MYMaths to complete the multiplication task there

English- Talk4writing

Today we will look at the toolkit we will need for our talk 4 writing story on a "Rags to Riches" story.

We have already identified the key features of this text and underlined phrases, words and sections of Lazy Jack. Today you will create a toolkit of things to include in the text and box up the Lazy Jack story(the boxing up sheet is in your resource pack, please carefully take it out and stick in your book after you have completed your toolkit)


Here is a suggestion of how to set out your toolkit either in your book with the title Creating a dialogue toolkit or by printing out the sheet and sticking it in your book

toolkit setting out