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9.15 Music- Chinese New Year with Mrs Walter

You will need a scarf (or a tea towel)to dance with for the warm up and need something to tap like a saucepan and spoon.  Let's have fun and make music!

If using the power point remember to hold 'control' and click to go to the hyperlink




11.00 PE coach zuko

Challenge 2     

English- Organisation of instructions

Instructions are usually organised : opening- saying what instructions are for

                                                           list of materials you will need

                                                           list of steps in chronological order

                                                            may use diagrams

                                                           ends with extra reminders or encouragement(warnings even)

Create an instruction writing toolkit in your remote learning book ,using the tools you will need:

                                                                                                            steps with numbers, word signposts, bullet points

                                                                                                            short formal sentences- lack of figurative language

                                                                                                            imperative verbs

                                                                                                            technical vocab to suit the task

                                                                                                            use of commas in lists

Now use this list to give instructions on how to brush your teeth.