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Good morning - how are you doing?

Three sessions for you today

1. Read our new story - Poppy Waldo and the Giant.  We are looking at story openings and endings.

So for English - have a at the books in your home.  How do they start? What type of opening do they have? Record in the table.

2. Maths - we are measuring in kgs (kilograms).  Have a watch of the video and complete activities on measuring in kgs.  How many grams are there in a kilogram?

3. Geography - have you got an atlas at home? Look at a map of the UK.  Can you identify resorts by the seaside? How many can you find?? Make a list of them.  Whereabouts in the UK are they? Seasides - past and present - cut and sort pictures.  How have seaside holidays changed? Make a list.