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Blocking your Innovated story

Today you will be blocking your own Rags to Riches story in the style of Lazy Jack. You will have the story stuck in your books already to remind you of the structure and key phrases, setting out and dialogue. Yesterday you created a toolkit of things to try to include to make your tale come alive and you have just watched how to create a story and who for.

Really concentrate on completing your blocking plan today in as much detail as you can on your sheet or you wont be able to write your story tomorrow. Don't forget to give it a title!

innovation help sheet

Today we will be looking at the difference between physical and human geography. 

I would like you to create:
 an information poster comparing the human geography of 2 different regions of Eastern Europe.
You can use a double page spread in your remote learning book or if you have A3 paper you may use that (or two A4 pieces stuck together).
It needs to be clear and provide me with key information about the human geography of these regions.
Your choices of region are: Moscow (Russia), Kiev (Ukraine), Istanbul (Turkey), St Petersburg (Russia).
You must include: The population of each region, the languages spoken and the religions represented.
You must then include at least 2 of these aspects: Any major towns or cities, landmarks, types of land use (e.g. is the area mainly residential, retail, industrial etc.), GDP, happiness index, your own piece of information!

If you complete this before the end of the lesson, can you then compare the two regions you researched to London on a separate page in your book