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We are beginning to write our change story - The Troll - today.  Following a 'shared writing lesson' children will use their plan and ideas from the lesson to have a go at writing, using all the same ideas that have been discussed.  Please note we are only writing the beginning (opening and build-up) today.

There is a word mat to support with spelling and phrases that might be needed. 

This will go straight into their Remote Learning Books.  We will be on hand to support.  smiley

Please send a photo of this writing on DOJO.

English: word mat *

English: To help with your writing (phonics mat/high frequency words)

Maths: division - divide by 2 game */**

Maths: division - dividing by 2*

Maths: division - dividing by 2**

Maths: division - dividing by 2***

Lowry: Sketching people


Have a go at sketching your own Lowry figures... here are some good examples to look at and get you started.

What are your matchstick figures doing..?

Try using some paint or coloured pencils.

Show me how you're getting on...