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We are going to plan and write our hot task today and tomorrow.

We will go into groups (break-out rooms) to discuss, share ideas and plan our information text about dragons.

Remember we have designed our dragon... we are writing for the Institute of Dragonology.



Dragon Mind Map Planner (Mrs Johnson's/Mrs Norris' group)

Dragons - some ideas

Hot Task Planner - you don't need to print this - just make your own!

Word finding - adjectives and nouns to describe and name!

Maths: Shape Sorting

Collect 6 objects from around your home. Make sure they are shapes you recognise.



What shapes are they?  How can you sort them? Think about their properties, edges, faces, vertices




Maths: Geometry: sorting shapes

St Patrick's Day: St Patrick's Day Poster

We will be finding out who St Patrick was and about his life?

Then you can use the information to make a poster using Purple Mash