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Watch the video using the link. This will introduce you to basic algebra where we are focusing on solving one step problems. You will have done things like this before so it shouldn't be too daunting. After watching the video, complete the worksheet below and then mark your work.


We are moving onto our new topic 'information texts'. Today you should do your COLD TASK where you write an information text about a creature of your choice. You need to think about what features are in an information text and how to organise the writing clearly for the reader. You may want to use subheadings to organise your work.


In today's lesson we are focusing on Jesus as the bread of life. 

  1. Watch the Youtube video called 'Jesus feeds the 5000'
  2. Watch the Youtube video called 'Jesus as the bread of life'
  3. Research the Bible story John 6:35-68 and make notes
  4. Draw a loaf of bread. Think of the things we have to do to make bread (kneed it, sculpt it, prove it, shape it etc). How does this relate to how Jesus looks after us?

                        e.g. We have to shape bread - Jesus helps to shape our lives