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Week 11 Summer Term

Dear parents and children,

We are about the start week 11! Wow! I know lots of you spoke with Mrs Lake this week, she was pleased to know that you are well.  I can understand that it might be difficult to keep going with the work, but it is so important that you do all you can.  smiley I have tried to give you some choice in learning this week...I have kept the English and Maths the same - White Rose and Talk for Writing but for a change I have organised lots of different activities for the afternoon to keep you going...smiley If you click on the You Choose tab - you will see lots of different subjects there for you to choose from.  Aim for one a day - there are more than you need...

And I hope you will be joining me on Tuesday- 9:30 for our Year 2 assembly. I am so excited to see your faces (as many of you as can make it) our theme is SUPER HEROES (of course!)  To begin our assembly I would like you to think of a super hero quality you would choose... I'm going to read a story (about a superhero vegetable) and then we can listen and talk about heroes... Jupiter members be ready to 'show and tell'... (Mr Langford is emailing out more info on this)

Can't wait to see you on Tuesday.


I hope you like the timetable this week! yes


Love Mrs Connon wink

Timetable Week 11