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week 11

Welcome to another week Year 5 of home learning. As you will have heard we are trying to initiate a zoom assembly, ours is on Thursday at 9.30am, so look out for the zoom link to join in and see everyone's faces, including mine!

This week we have a new e reader called the "Pack of Pompeii"written from the view point of a pack of dogs as Pompeii disappears in a cloud of volcanic dust and linked with it some fun activities. There will be different modelling activities over the next few weeks so start collecting paper plates, card egg boxes and this week toilet rolls. I would love to see some of the finished results.

Maths this week is about converting units of measure, so Cm-M, G-Kg and ML-L all necessary for everyday life. There are also some deep dive challenges included in the packs. Finally, this week is P.E at home week and I have included 3 workout sheets that progress throughout the week as well as Cosmic Kids Star Wars Yoga fun.

It looks like the good weather will return this week so please enjoy the outside spaces, get your bikes out, garden with someone and if in doubt I always bake!

Don't forget to send your report comments so I can add them to your report, I'm sure Mr Langford would enjoy reading them as much as I do. Have a good week and stay busy,

                       xx Mrs Morris xx

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