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week beginning: 11th Jan

Congratulations everyone! It has been a full on week with online learning and everyone is rising to the challenge. It is a learning curve with IT, so please bear with me as I gain in confidence with technology. If your child feels as if they don't need support after logging in please let them carry on with their own learning and pop back in before a session finishes. If your technology lets you down never panic as you will find all the resources on the web page so you can carry on regardless.

Ways of recording work and handing it in are varied. We will use sheets in our learning packs, remote learning books and on purple mash. Again if you find it easier to use a book please go ahead but send a snapshot of the completed work by Dojo to me. I love seeing what everyone gets up to. Please don't let standards fall, a throw down description with no punctuation is not a true representation of what your child can achieve and I will comment on it.

Please carry on reading as well. It is important to keep skim and scan skills going as well as reading for ideas and fun. When I send everyone to the waiting room after a session it is a way to get them away from the screen. Try to encourage movement, drinks and snacks not just switching to another device, it is important to break away.

Have another great week- we have music and PE on Tuesday so get involved in them both, as well as Ms Hollands teaching on Monday. 

First News- a weekly newspaper to read if you have time

Spelling test using suffix -ity for Friday

Topic quiz based on Flowers for Wednesday afternoon