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Hi Year 4!

Well done for all of your effort during week 1 of home learning. Pleas keep it up for week 2!


Here is a sneak peak of what to expect in English this week...laugh


Stay safe everyone!


1. PE with Joe Wicks / zumba workout videos on YouTube!

2. English - Quick comprehension tasks - see document below

3. My Maths - Fraction calculations and Fractions as operators


4. Computing - Purple Mash 2DO - 2animate - make a short film about your week! 


5. DT - 1. Make your bread packaging (we suggested grease proof paper at school, but normal paper will be fine)

          2. OPTIONAL - Make your bread!


6. Colouring or another mindfulness activity


1. PE with Joe Wicks

2. Mark your Maths work from Wednesday - answers are in the picture below.


3. My Maths - Finding fractions and finding fractions of amounts


4. Grammar tasks - pick your challenge! Answers included.


5. Geography - Purple Mash - 1. Weather report (select male/female) about temperature near the equator.

                                             2. Tropical climate postcard - research either the tropic of Cancer or tropic of Capricorn