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week 3

Hello Year 5,

I hope this finds you and your family well and that you all spent positive time with them over the Easter break.

As we are set for another 3 weeks of lockdown and no school please use this time wisely. I will continue to set you work for the week, much of which we would have worked at in class together, both on Mymaths, Purplemash and TTrockstars. All of these electronic sites show me who has given their best and those who have not accessed at all. Please do not be of the last group. To those who have not accessed any online learning please do now or you will fall considerably behind, this work gives you a purpose to fill your day.

Other work may be written into your work journal the school supplied you with before we shut. I would love to see your progress, so please snapshot and either post to myself or the online page so others can see on Class Dojo. 

Please keep your mind and hands busy, help out at home when you can.... a surprise cup of tea or coffee goes a long way when your parents are working from home.

If you need any help or have questions please Dojo me at anytime I'm only a click away. Happy Learning!