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Week 3 Summer Term

To dear parents and children of year 2,

I hope you are all doing well at home and managed to enjoy some Easter treats!

As we begin Summer Term, I'm hoping that I will be seeing you all soon, though it would appear not for another 3 weeks sad

Here we go with another week of Home Learning, please let me know via dojo how you are getting on.  If you send me a picture or comment, I will respond.  

I will post a timetable which you can use to help structure different learning everyday.  As before we'll aim for 4 sessions a day: PE (with Joe - obviously), Maths, English and topic. I will also be setting My Maths and weekly spellings for a test on Friday.  I will be posting a story on Dojo as often as I can - firstly we'll finish Flat Stanley.

I hope that sounds good.

Have a good week everyone.

Mrs Lake says 'hi!' wink


Mrs Connonsmiley

This week...

RE - Easter

After reading the story from the Bible, to think about and talk about... 

  • How do you think the women were feeling?
  • What was the message the men gave to the women?
  • What had Jesus told them to remember? Discuss the words used.
  • How do you think the eleven disciples felt when they heard the news from the women?


Role play the story. Create a headline and write the news story telling everyone what has happened!

Geography - extreme weather - tsunamis

What is a tsunami? What causes a tsunami?

something different...