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ENGLISH - The King of the Fishes.

We are so lucky that Pie Corbett (creator of Talk for Writing) has released some home learning booklets for us to work from, so we can continue to learn in our new style of English. Please see the timetable to find out what activities to do each day in your exercise books. 


MATHS - Decimals

We are again very lucky that White Rose Maths Hub (our scheme for Maths) has released some online learning in the same style that we do Maths at school. Unfortunately, we are a whole topic behind in Maths so please start from week 1. Click on the link below to access the video, worksheet and answers. Worksheets can be printed or answers straight into exercise books.


RE - New topic 'new life'.  


SCIENCE - New topic 'states of matter' (solids, liquids and gases)


ART - New topic 'fruit and veg art'.


My story map for paragraph 1 (English)