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week 6

Hello Year 5 and welcome to another action packed week filled with fun activities!

This week we conclude our e learner book and find out what happens to our superhero teacher. There is an opportunity to create your own creature via sketch then describe its' features. We travel to the Alps to investigate what makes it a great tourist place to visit and you have the challenge of creating your own 3D alpine range using materials found at home. So start looking now for objects and  materials for your challenge on Thursday.

Again, I remind you to print off your weekly timetable so you can look at your daily tasks and then cross them off on completion. I look forward to sharing your sketches, musical notations and models with everyone so don't be shy and share!

Class dojo is the place to share your daily activities. Try not to wait until the week is over then upload 20 photos, please aim for a daily send as it keeps us both up to date. Thank you all for encouraging and attempting the tasks, you know your child's capability so if you think it's untidy or lacking effort so will I. 

I look forward to seeing how you have responded to my planning and ideas, stay well and busy.

XX Mrs Morris XX