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Week 8 Summer Term

Dear parents and children,

Welcome to Week 8! angel

I hope you all had a restful half term and enjoyed some time with your family in the sunshine. yes

As you know I'm working in school now - but I'm not far away and will check in on Dojo to see how you are doing. 

Keep working hard and sending me all your great efforts.  It really does make my day to see how you are all doing ...

If there is anything you need - just let me know.

Keep well, keep smilingsmiley

Best wishes


Mrs Connon


Our Learning for This Week...smiley


Week 8 Timetable

English: Rainbows, Rainbows Everywhere

RE: Rules

Read the story about Chloe and Phoebe 


Think about and discuss:

  • What is the difference between doing things accidentally and doing them on purpose?
  • What happens when we sin, when we do bad things on purpose?
  • Do you think that Chloe’s action was a sin?
  • How do you think she felt?
  • How would you have felt if you had been Phoebe?
  • Why do you think Chloe’s Mum loved her in spite of what she had done?
  • What do you think Chloe’s Mum should do?


Activity: choose one (or two)

1: Imagine you are Chloe, write your account of the story, including how you felt and why what you did was wrong, what should happen to make things better?


2:Use set circles or hoops and a selection of symbols/pictures for sorting activity ‘Good choices/bad choices’ accompany with appropriate song to reinforce sorting.

Tuesday: Plastic Pollution

recycle poster