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week beginning 18th January

Welcome Year 5, to week 3 of our live on screen learning.

Can I again say well done to you all for your attendance and effort throughout the week. Keep this up and remember whatever you do reflects on you and the effort you put into it and  is visible on Purple mash when you write shorter pieces or throw out work without punctuation, detail or care. Don't let yourselves down, make everyone proud of your achievements.

Saying that, at times you may need help, support and maybe a better explanation than I can give over the chat. Please ask your parents or older siblings if you have a question- but remember it is your work not theirs so they shouldn't be doing it for you or just handing out phrases to write or giving you the answers.

This week we have our usual spelling and topic quiz, but also a new reading resource on Serial Mash to access. I have chosen a class reader for all to read called Neve's wishes, 2 chapters at a time with a quiz at the end of each chapter, but you can choose any book to read at your own pace so choose away and enjoy!

On Monday we have a 10.40-11.00 slot to drop off finished reading books  and to collect a new remote learning book to write in. We will need it in the upcoming weeks as our learning pack is coming to a close and you will need to access the sheets to work from on the web page and work in your books so please collect a new book.

If you have any worries please contact me on Class Dojo and I will try to help or steer you towards someone at school who can. Have a good week!

Spellings for Friday and topic test Wednesday